Convergence of Desktop, Collaboration, Data, and Digitization – Part 2

Continuing from our Part 1 conversation, the Venn diagram includes a Communication layer that builds upon the previous design and data convergence. In our earlier conversation, we talked about having multiple connection points to different software solutions and looking at that data through dashboards and reports. Still, we need to expand on this further.

We also need to look at the convergence of communication in this environment. As we work with any one of these industry projects and the many disciplines that come with it, there’s a ton of communication going on.

We might use Microsoft Teams and Outlook, Slack, or whatever the tool might be. We need help in tracking communication through these processes and workflows. Designs change, issues arise, RFI’s are needed, all these things happen on our projects.

My point is these types of software tools also have connection points in this common data environment. Autodesk has been addressing many of these using Autodesk…

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