Revit 2024 – What’s New

Now that Autodesk Revit 2024 has now been officially released we can understand this year’s focus and direction from Autodesk’s flagship BIM authoring tool. This year I have chosen to do something a little different and split the videos into two separate areas. I will focus the first video on the Revit platform changes that will benefit all Revit users. The second video will focus solely on the structural changes and new features both in Revit 2023.2 and Revit 2024.

Platform Tools

User Interface updates

This release of Revit gains some significant interface changes in the form of a new ‘dark’ mode, repainted icons and a new framework for the Project Browser and Properties Palette. Like many interface updates, these are quite subjective; some will love the dark theme and others will want to stick with the standard interface. I personally will probably stick with the standard interface, but I can see the appeal if you spend many hours in Revit and want to ‘tone…

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