Top Three (Toposolid) Features in Revit 2024 – landarchBIM

Revit 2024 has just been released, and with it a long list of new features. I am excited to see that there is finally a new site and landscape feature among the improvements.

So I am back to dust off the blog and to fill you all in on this new Revit element: Toposolid.

Before I dive into the best features of Toposolid and Revit 24, first let’s answer the big question: What is Toposolid?

Toposolid is the new topographic element in Revit. It replaces the Toposurface/Topography element from previous versions. A few key points about this change:

  • Toposolid inherits from the base CeilingAndFloor element, so it will look and act very similar to a Floor. Though it is worth knowing that Toposolid has a number of additional features that are not available to Floors.
  • Toposurface/Topography has been deprecated. This means it can no longer be modified in the Revit UI, starting in 24.

In addition to this big change, the Revit development team has also done a big UI…

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