Its the last day to submit class proposals for Autodesk University 2023

The CFP period for this year’s AU has simply flown by – mainly because it’s turned out to be a busy period between personal milestones and work travel – and today (May 15th) is the last day to submit your proposals for the event.

Over the weekend I went ahead and finalised last-minute changes to mine and clicked submit.

My AU 2023 class proposals

The titles (as shown above) are:

  • Monitoring and visualizing data from the MX3D and Dar Smart Bridges
  • Channeling Minecraft to analyze architectural spaces with VASA and Dynamo

Both are variations on proposals I submitted for last year’s event (but obviously weren’t selected), so I’m hoping the additional time and energy I’ve put into crafting this year’s versions pays dividends. We shall see.

There’s a fun tab in the “My AU” page that lists the classes you’ve taught, over the years, going back to 2013. My list contains a few I’d forgotten about (mainly classes I was involved in as a panelist or co-speaker). I’d love to see the list going back…

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