Register today for Autodesk DevCon 2023 in SF

An Autodesk DevCon is coming back to San Francisco in 2023! It will be held on September 6th and 7th at Pier 9, between the Klamath Ferry and our Technology Center.

The Klamath Ferry at sunrise

Photo © The Bay Area Council Foundation

It’s worth noting that there is a fee to attend the event (this is currently $150 but will increase to as much as $300 on the day of the event). Space is limited, given the venue, so it is worth registering as soon as you know you can attend – there’s a very good chance that we won’t have tickets left to sell on the door.

Full information can be found in this blog post.

The last DevCon I remember in SF was at Fort Mason back in 2016.

Jim on stage at the Forge DevCon 2016

I had a fewer grey hairs back then!

Selfie in the Expo area at the Forge DevCon 2016

And yes, I was very much in VR mode, at the time. I helped organise the “Metaverse” area of the exhibit space, back before it became cool. And then uncool.

Selfie at the Forge DevCon 2016

It’s not yet clear whether I’ll attend the SF event or the one in Europe (this will be announced soon, and is likely to be held at around the same…

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