NVIDIA Keynote at SIGGRAPH 2023: Generative AI and Omniverse

In my article on the AIA 2023 conference that was held earlier this summer, I concluded that:

“… given how rapidly AI is taking over the technology airwaves in society as a whole, it was hardly surprising to see it also emerging in AEC technology solutions. In fact, I found the excitement — and potential game-changing capability — of generative AI to be almost identical to how it was with BIM when it was first introduced over twenty years ago. Rather than the mostly incremental upgrades we have seen since then, we should start seeing radically new solutions and capabilities in AEC technology powered by AI.”

Imagine a BIM application to which we feed a 2D napkin sketch of a floor plan and ask it to design a detailed 3D BIM model from it!

It’s really not that far out. At least, that’s the sense I got from watching NVIDIA’s keynote at the SIGGRAPH 2023 conference that was held earlier this month. SIGGRAPH is the leading computer graphics conference…

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