Planning to visit my good friend
Daniel Hurtubise in a couple of weeks. He set up this website to make my/our
“BIM pencil” work more accessible. Really cool design, thanks Dan

Each of these building models expresses a desire to
understand, a thirst for knowledge, a call to action. Action research. Learning
by doing.

Experimental archeology. That kind of thing.

You can download the work in 3 formats. Especially
geared towards architecture students, who regularly contact me for help, but
should be of interest to anyone who enjoys a deeper dive into inspiring

Completely free to download but please acknowledge the
source if you reuse or share. Hopefully we will put more models up on the site

If you have done similar work and would like to add it
to the site, that would be great. You will be credited of course.



Walking from Covent Garden to
Trafalgar square yesterday, I stumbled upon this building.

Is it a clever response to daylight…

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