More information on From Steps to Stories

In a recent post I talked about “From Steps to Stories”, the exhibit we’re showing in Toronto, hosted by our partners at The Bentway. In that post I promised I’d share more details, nearer the event, and, well, here we are.

We recently published a video showing more details about the project. There will be a longer video produced, once we’ve captured footage of the exhibit in Toronto, but this one tells the story behind the project quite nicely in just 2 minutes.



Beyond that, I thought I’d share a couple of shots that give a sense of what to expect from the exhibit. Here’s a still extracted from a video showing a test of playing 360 video on an array of six vertically mounted 55” monitors. You can actually only see four of the screens here, but it gives a sense for how it will work.

Wraparound video

Here’s a quick image of a view from the video with the segmentation map overlaid. A big piece of the exhibit will be around weaving in quantitative data that’s extracted…

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