AU 2023 Day 1

After a great trip to Stanford on Friday, we had some last-minute preparation to do for our AU exhibit at Pier 9 on Saturday morning.


We headed into the office – after having to explain our way through a security cordon along the waterfront due to APEC 2023 – and printed out a bunch of legal waivers for study participants to sign.Pier 9

It seems APEC will be impacting our SF employees, with the offices being closed during the AU week.APEC funEnough people had warned me about craziness at SFO that I ended up at the airport well ahead of my flight to Las Vegas. There was zero congestion at and around the airport but then you never know – better safe than sorry.

APEC 2023

Being in the SFO airport brings back a lot of memories of when I used to live in the Bay Area.SFO

As we approached McCarran airport I got my first glimpse of the Sphere.First glimpse

Driving from the airport to the Palazzo we managed to see the Sphere from quite close: the road network has been severely impacted by the upcoming Grand Prix: at one point…

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