AU 2023 Day 2

My second day at this year's Autodesk University started with another lovely sunrise.Another spherical sunriseAfter breakfast I spent an hour or so writing my Day 1 blog post in the Community Zone before I realised a queue was forming to enter the general session. I wandered over and joined it – quite near the front – and chatted with a number of people who were clearly very excited about listening to the day's guest speaker.

Here are the people waiting in the Community Zone for the general session to open its doors.Waiting for the general session

I found a single seat free in the third row behind the VIP section. Score!

I sat down and got my computer out to continue work on my post. At one point I looked over and saw the person sitting next to me taking a selfie. I glanced at the screen and got a bit of a shock.Wearing the brown pants

Hats off to someone who will sit in a packed audience with  a mask that limits both vision and breathing. That's dedication.Sitting with Deadpool

The excitement in the hall was palpable.Here we go

After a brief speech, our COO Steve Blum introduced our CMO…

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