Axonometric graphic overrides with Dynamo

When creating a room data sheet, say for a healthcare project, it is often necessary to create a 3D axonometric view per room. While every organisation will have their own graphic standard, typically, any foreground walls obstructing the main room layout will be overridden. For example, these walls (and their dependent doors and windows) may be shown as transparent with a dashed projection outline.

The problem

Since the elements to be overridden vary from view to view, the process can’t be standardised through filters or view templates. The override must be done on a view-by-view basis (Override Graphic in View > By Element), which is time-consuming. Additionally, if the graphic style needs to be updated, the whole process must be repeated for every view.

Applying graphic overrides with Dynamo

To solve this need, Parametric Monkey has developed a Dynamo graph, which is available as part of our Dynamo Package Development service. The graph applies…

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