What AI in 2023 Isn’t, and What Embodied Intelligence Is

Yes, I’m going to do this. I’m going to write another post about a widely used term and try to untangle reality from the fiction. Let’s talk about the term “AI”… Mr Gates wrote a compelling article recently about AI Agents specifically, and even Mr Clippy got a slightly dishonourable mention. But hold on to your chatbots hats, because we are going to go right back to basics…


First, let’s define some terms related to AI.


The faculty of understanding; intellect.


made or constructed by human skill, especially in imitation of, or as a substitute for, something which is made or occurs naturally;


Now, we might assume that Artificial Intelligence means something man-made that has the faculty of understanding, right? Right?


As a verb, to understand means to know or realise the meaning of words, a language, what somebody says, etc.


Ai processing


Now, let’s compare this with a common definition of artificial intelligence
the study and development of computer…

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