Callout from room with Dynamo

When documenting a project, it is often necessary to create callout views to show a specific area at a different scale. For example, in healthcare projects, callouts of every room are often needed as part of the room data sheet.

Within Revit, there are two ways to create these callout views. The first method involves duplicating an existing view and modifying its crop region. The problem with this method is that the new view won’t be cross-referenced, making navigating the drawing set difficult. The second and preferred method is to create a callout (View > Create > Callout). In this scenario, the views are cross-referenced from the parent view, such as the General Arrangement plan.

The problem

When creating a large number of callouts, the process can become error-prone and time-consuming. For example, Revit does not allow two views to have the same view name. Therefore, each callout created must have a unique name, which must be entered manually. Additionally,…

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