Renumbering windows by room | Parametric Monkey

Depending on your organisation’s naming conventions, a window is generally named something along the lines of Element prefix – Room # – Sequence #, for example, W-101-01. In this scenario, the room number references the window’s ‘from’ room. While most external windows won’t have a ‘to’ room, using the ‘from’ room ensures that the window naming still makes sense if an exterior room is present, such as a balcony or terrace.

Since Revit 2014, when Autodesk introduced the room calculation point, scheduling the ‘to’ and ‘from’ parameters in window families has been possible. This feature has its limitations and quirks. However, assuming the family has been built correctly, how can we automate the naming convention?

Renumbering windows with Dynamo

One possible way is to use Dynamo, which fully automates the process. To solve this need, Parametric Monkey has developed a Dynamo graph, available as part of our Dynamo Package…

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