roughly over Mogadishu. On my way back to Zimbabwe for what could perhaps be
the last time. I hope not, but given how long it’s been and all the different
kinds of water that have flowed under myriad bridges… You never know.

I lost my citizenship during the pandemic. I had always intended to go back to
Harare to retire. My hand was forced, but then I realised it no longer made any
sense. That troubled country still clutches at my heart. It will be an
emotional trip, I’m selling my house. Shipping a few things and letting go of
the rest.
Almost 20 years now since I moved to Dubai. Economic necessity with university
fees looming. I was working as hard as ever, but most of the projects never got
off the ground. It was fun in a way, doing concept after concept. I think I
imagined that we would bounce back in a year or two. Exploring an integrated 2D
/3D approach but I didn’t really have the tools yet.

I watched a podcast recently with the guy who started @last software….

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