100 Days of AI – Phase 2 Recap – The BIMsider

Alright, folks! We’ve wrapped up the first 13 days of the #100DaysOfAI Challenge. Now, let’s kick back, grab a coffee, and chat about the cool stuff that went down in Phase 2 over the next 27 days. Spoiler alert: It’s been a mix of fun, challenges, and maybe a few ‘aha’ moments. Let’s spill the beans, shall we?

Before we get to spilling the beans, here is a quick reminder of the 3 phases of this challenge:

  • Phase 1: Al Foundations
  • Phase 2: Learn the most versatile AI use cases
  • Phase 3: Apply your AI skills to real world problems

Now, let’s transition to the middle phase, Phase 2: Learning the most versatile AI use cases. If you missed it, hop over to the Phase 1 recap for some context first.

The Day 14 email, similar to the Day 1 email, sets the stage for the rest of the phase.

Over the next 4 weeks, in Phase 2, we’ll dive deeper into some of the most common AI use…

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