Announcing the Autodesk Vision Am

I’m excited to be pre-announcing a new experience capture platform from Autodesk Research: the Autodesk Vision Am.

Autodesk Vision A m.

It’s the data capture system we used for our project with The Bentway and showcased at our From Steps to Stories exhibit both in Toronto and at AU 2023 in Las Vegas. The goal is to collect as much data as we can about the human experience of the built environment.

Capturing data at The Bentway.

Vision Ams at AU 2023.

Wearing a Vision Am at AU 2023.

You can think of it as a purposefully basic, Amateurish alternative to Apple’s Vision Pro, which we hope you’ll just want to put on first thing in the Am (i.e. the morning).

Here’s a breakdown of the hardware used in the Vision Am system:

Vision Am hardware components.

Why would you want to wear the Vision Am? That’s actually a much tougher sell, in all honesty. While the Vision Pro shows you pretty pictures in an immersive context, the Vision Am just captures everything it can about what you’re experiencing and sends it to our servers to be used for anything we want to. So basically it’s like the Vision Pro but…

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