100 Days of AI – Phase 3 Recap – The BIMsider

As we dive into the third phase of the #100DaysOfAI challenge, things are getting interesting! We’re building on the strong AI foundations and exploring cool use cases from earlier stages. This phase is all about putting our new AI skills to the test on “real-world” problems and pushing the limits of what we can do with the tech we’ve gotten the hang of. Come along as I chat about the adventures and breakthroughs in this final stretch, where we’re turning theory into practice and learning into some seriously cool innovation.

To set the stage for the Phase 3 recap, here’s a quick reminder of the themes that have characterized the three phases. If you just want to get the Final Thoughts, skip to the end.

  • Phase 1: Al Foundations
  • Phase 2: Learn the most versatile AI use cases
  • Phase 3: Apply your AI skills to real world problems

Now, let’s move on to the final phase of this 100-day journey. If you…

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