Color Fill Your RCP

A question was asked recently by a designer in our Chicago office. He wants to apply “color scheme” for different ceiling height areas in the RCP (Reflected Ceiling Plan). Revit doesn’t support such a feature under the RCP properties which only floor plan does.

One can set the color scheme and “color fill” the rooms in floor plans.

Plan Properties with Color Scheme
RCP Properties (No Color Scheme)

The purpose of color-fill ceiling areas so that the project team can easily identify ceiling height in order to coordinate with MEP consultants to have sufficient plenum space.

At first, I was’t sure it was even possible but I knew there should be a way to achieve this in native Revit setting. (Hint: Without using Dynamo) After tinkering in the filter setting and I realize one can set the “Height Offset From Level” as a filter rule; it started to make sense I could set up a series a filter with different “Ceiling Height”.

All I have to do now is to apply these filters under Visibility/Graphic (VG) and change the Projection/Surface pattern of different ceiling height filter…

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