Quick Tip – Missing Sheets From Plots

Well, this was a weird one. We had a situation where a user was having very inconsistent results while plotting. He’d plot and maybe half the sheets would come out. He’d plot again and a totally different set of sheets would come out.

We tried the usual and expected troubleshooting steps: restart Revit, reboot the PC, reload the printer driver, etc. On a whim, we took a look at the video driver and found out it wasn’t the latest supported version. Autodesk maintains a database of supported drivers that you can search through based on video card manufacturer and software version.

The unsuspected culprit!
The unsuspected culprit!

I wager you can see where this story is going, but in what seems like a disconnected solution, updating the video card driver cleared up the plotter issue. For the most part, Revit is pretty hardware agnostic, but it’s important to 1) make sure you are using a supported video card and 2) keep an eye on the supported driver list and make sure you are using the most recent supported driver, you don’t want to necessarily use the most recent driver on the hardware manufacturer’s site, pay attention to Autodesk’s own list.

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