Character Map and Family Names

A very astute coworker dropped me an email the other day, referring to an old post I did about naming your families so they won’t mess up Windows naming conventions. He mentioned that one of his favorite trick is to use the Window Character Map to get fractions into your family names without having to break the Windows naming rules, plus it keeps your Project Browser nice and tidy.

Me, being the know-it-all I am, thought “Well, I had looked into that before, but the fractions in Character Map only include halves and quarters. What happens when you need to name a wall family and you need that 5/8? You don’t want half your families named one way and the other half another way.”

So, I opened up Character Map… just in case… and you can easily see the halves and quarters, no eighths. I’m so smart.

And then I scrolled down.

Yup, as you probably guessed or already knew, you can easily use the Character Map in Windows to generate single character text for a whole slew of fractions, up to (down to?) eighths. Architecturally, that’s probably as far as you need to go. Keeps things nice and clean and helps save space when looking at your Type Selector.

Scroll down for more fraction fun!

Need a hand with Character Map? Check out this link.

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