Visualizing the Top 300 Architecture Firms

Architectural Record just published their Top 300 Architecture Firms list for 2016. I was curious to dig into the data and see if there was anything interesting to learn. It turns out, once you go past the rankings, you can glean some deep insights into what makes up today’s top earning firms.


To do my analysis, I copied the table of data from Arch. Record’s website and pasted it into Excel. Once in Excel, I did some basic data clean-up, like splitting the “US Headquarters” field into separate city and state columns.

Once the data was in decent shape, I put it into Power BI, Microsoft’s data visualzation software. I used Power BI to analyze the data and create the charts and visualizations.

I organized the visualizations into four themes; firm type, firm location, project location, and company comparison.  Below is a summary of my finding as well as the visualizations for each category.

Firm Type

The majority of the firms represented in the top 300 were…

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