Jigging an AutoCAD leader with directional text using .NET

I’m sure some of you will be relieved to see I can still (more or less) manage to write code for AutoCAD… the last few days I’ve been feeling quite under-the-weather, so today’s post is a little bit of “comfort code”: sometimes while you’re brain is struggling to handle the unfamiliar, it’s very happy to tackle the familiar.

At least that was the plan, and the reason I decided to tackle this recent question from Thomas Heitz:

The first thing to bear in mind is that Thomas is talking about Civil 3D, which I don’t use. So the code I’m showing today will do something approximating what Thomas is looking for, but using an MLeader object (a standard Leader doesn’t have associated text, although the LEADER command does create it). Hopefully it’ll still be of some use to Thomas.

So why didn’t this go exactly as I’d planned? I thought it would be a simple enough one to crank out, but for one reason or another – whether my weakened mental state, my fading AutoCAD…

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