AU 2016 Day 2

Well day two of Autodesk University started out extremely frustrating for me. My First class had a room full of people, but the instructor didn’t show up. Then I wen to the Innovations Keynote, which kind of talked about how A360 was being split into 3 industry specific cloud systems, Fusion 360 for the industrial or mechanical industry, Shotgun for the Movie industry and BIM 360 for the AEC industry. Fusion 360 and Shotgun were great presentations they explained what those cloud collaboration solutions can and will do. The BIM 360 presentation seemed vague to me I guess that was why they had to have another 2 hour class to try and explain it, Which I didn’t get to go to because of other classes I had that afternoon.

In the Afternoon I think I had two of the best classes I had all AU 2016. The first class was “Redefine Sketching in Architectural Design” this class showed a work flow of using Formit, Revit, Sketchbook and Dynamo. After that I went to a class about Railings. You know…
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