This is an older, dormant post from last year. I am posting it now as a follow-on to last week’s discussion of Duravit families.  It’s about the largest sanitary ware group in the UK who have made a huge commitment to BIM. Brands include Ideal Standard, Armitage Shanks & Twyford.  This post is mostly about Ideal Standard.

There are three distributions available, one through the NBS, one through BIMobject and one through bimstore.  The differences are minor but interesting. All the objects cite the manufacturer as Author.  The NBS versions also carry an NBS Certification number.  The bimstore versions carry a “distributed by” label.

They are all sourced from the same geometry, most of which is not native Revit.  The exceptions are the accessories (eg flush button & seat)  I am guessing that the curved geometry was created using Inventor, but it could be from Rhino or some other software.  Whatever the case, it came into Revit as a CAD import.  The main difference between the two…

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