Dynamo and GD events in London and Toronto

There are some very interesting events scheduled for the coming weeks. Just prior to next week’s AU London 2019 – itself an event that will be heavy on content for computational and generative design, this year, including a talk by Lorenzo Villaggi and myself – there’s a Dynamo Day being hosted in London by the UK Dynamo User Group (or #UKDynUG) on Monday June 17th.

UK Dynamo Day 2019There are four day-long workshop streams tailored for various needs…

  • Dynamo Intro plus Geometry
  • Dynamo Intro plus Data
  • Dynamo Power Up
  • Dynamo Dev Day

… followed by an evening user group session with a number of presentations. After hearing from Topologic and Speckle (sessions I’m very much looking forward to), I’ll be giving a preview of Lorenzo and my AU London 2019 class – where we’ll be talking about research projects and launching the Project Rediscover graph. Followed by presentations by the winners of London’s first Dynamo & Generative Design Hackathon. All in all it should be a lot of fun: get…

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