3D Coordination, Explained (Revit + Navis)

3D Coordination (also known as MEP Coordination or Clash Detection) is one of those things that is vital to the success of a BIM project, but overlooked by many. Lately, I have been involved in many 3D coordination reviews during both construction and design. The value is immense.

I thought it would be worthwhile to break down the process for those unfamiliar and teach some of the tools to accomplishing a “coordinated” model. That includes understanding a bit about Navisworks and Revit and how they interact with one another.

For my architect friends out there, this is something I believe we ALL should be doing throughout our design process and I hope you will join me to understand it better, as questions, and move this industry in the right direction… 😉

Topics we may cover:
– The 3D coordination process (a diagrammatic overview).
– The Revit to Navisworks Workflow
– Designers Guide to Navis (what you actually need to know).
– And more…?

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