40 Years Old – Lets have Some Fun and Tell Stories


No, it is not me turning 40…

Autodesk turns 40 years young on January 30, 2022 after being founded January 30th, 1982. To celebrate this momentous occasion the Autodesk Community will be sharing some of your stories and memorabilia over the years. There are very few technology companies that have reached the 40 year mark.

We want you to be involved and to hear your stories and see images.

  • Share your story of AutoCAD or Autodesk products or just old technology like that slow retro 287 desktop I have in my home office running native AutoCAD 1.2 and 2.18 on DOS.
  • Share your photos, perhaps a project, you at an old PC, your old Autodesk product box. The story of how long you have used Autodesk products and journey in your career.
  • Here is Autodesk customer, Shaan Hurley (me), Mechanical Designer of Oregon Iron Works Portland Oregon in 1997. I was interviewed for the AutoCAD R14 demo CD.
    Shaan in 1997 AutoCAD R14 Video Shaan in 1997 AutoCAD R14 Video

    Here is my first Autodesk employee badge as well as a photo of me in my San Rafael office back in 1998.
    Shaan in 1998 joining Autodesk

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