The Future of BIM Technology: can it replace Human Jobs?

It is imperative for project stakeholders to seek out innovative technology to maximize efficiency and reduce waste and rework in the construction process, along with material, labor, and time savings.

Using Revit BIM technology, intelligent models can be created. Most components are available in Revit for you to construct and visualize, such as the structural wall, floor drain, structural slab, pool slope, etc.

BIM Workflow

You can quickly produce models with complex geometry using Autodesk Revit BIM.

Construction professionals can make complete plans using an intelligent model using Autodesk Revit BIM technology. The benefits of BIM include anticipating, planning, and coordinating all aspects of the project the design, construction, and maintenance.

Navisworks Workflow

In Navisworks, you can combine Revit 3D Models with Fabrication Models for your project’s coordination. By detecting clashes before construction, you can identify constructability issues and…

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