An improvement in Revit’s 3D graphics is in the works

There are going to be many changes and improvements to the 3D graphics of Revit. A new graphics engine will improve Revit and 3ds Max performance, among other applications, according to Autodesk.

A ray-tracing engine will also be integrated directly into the viewport in the ‘next-generation’ system, boosting visual quality. Regardless of the graphics hardware and complexity of the model, it should be possible for users to switch between a shaded view and a photorealistic view easily.

One Graphics System (OGS) was completely restructured with the new viewport system, which takes vector data and converts it to pixels using rasterization.

Modern Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) are notoriously hard to use in Revit. In 2015, the ‘draw visible elements only’ feature was added to the graphics engine, which has only seen a few improvements over the years.

Other updates and improvements

While Revit uses an older graphics API, the frequency of the CPU remains a major…

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