Design, BIM, Build: Residential Revit with Alex Gore

In this episode of BIM After Dark Live I will be joined by Alex Gore of F9 Productions (and the “Inside the Firm” Podcast) to talk about how BIM is integral in his residential design build company.

From templates, to common details, to how being a design build company influences his approach to modeling in Revit, Alex will present his companies approach to BIM at a scale not always talked about: single family residential.

So sit back, relax, and let’s geek out!

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F9 Productions:

00:00 Introduction
02:03 Introducing Alex Gore
03:00 Alex’s Bio
06:50 How Alex and I Met
10:00 How F9 Productions Got Started
17:00 How F9s Modeling and Document Standards Developed
22:40: Save 20% Off at (“REVITKID23”)
25:00 How did you start “building” as an architect?
33:00 How Did “Building” Influence Your Models and Documents
37:00 Laser Scanning, Existing Conditions, and Modeling
40:10 “You’ll Never Regret Modeling Too Much…”
40:48 Contractors Influenced a Power Plan
41:00 Building Walls by Layers in Revit
45:00 Alex’s Header and King Post Revit Family
49:50 How Much Has your Process and Models Changed?
50:20 Alex and Jeff’s Thoughts on AI (MidJourney, Veras, etc..)
01:00:00 At What Phase does Alex Start Adding Layers to his Walls in Revit?
01:02:00 Outro

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